We’re Back for Season 2

Welcome back to Drive. We can’t wait to dive back into bringing you guests, topics, and conversations that will make you a better driver, and a better person.  

We know your life isn’t your work, but a lot of your life is spent on the road at work. So we’re going to be getting really specific this season, talking about cooking on the road, finding great hobbies while you’re out driving, emerging technologies that are going to affect our work, and tons more.

And, we want to feature your voice this season. Whether that means you want to leave us a message to be heard on the air, or complete our Season 2 survey that has questions about a variety of topics that we’ll be covering this season, we want to hear from you. Head over to thetruckdrive.com and leave us a message using the Speakpipe link, or complete the survey. 

We’ll be back soon with more episodes.

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