These small health choices will change your life with Dr. Mark Manera

Healthy food options are few and far in between on the road, and the idea of exercising can be laughable.

Healthy food options are few and far in between on the road, and the idea of exercising can be laughable. The trucking industry hasn’t made health a priority and the drivers are suffering because of it. Dr. Mark Manera founded The Trucking Fitness Company after working with truckers in a physical therapy clinic and seeing the toll a lifetime behind the wheel can take on a body.

On this week’s episode of Drive, Mark and Zac lay out the small changes drivers can make to their diets and routines that will have a huge impact on their health. Mark says consistency is the name of the game, which is why he’s not looking to get you to go from 0 to 60. Instead, Mark is advocating for drivers to make sustainable choices, like switching to zero-calorie drinks and stocking your truck with nutritious snacks. Are you ready to prioritize your health? Listen in to hear where to start.

Compelling Quotes:

[02:36] “I saw there was a huge gap in resources and also a mindset that a lot of drivers have of ‘it’s part of the lifestyle,’ they’re screwed when it comes to their health and they can’t do anything about it.”

[05:09] “When it comes to your health, the name of the game is consistency.”

[07:28] “When people are working so hard, it’s really easy to put their health and themselves on the back burner.”

[12:32] “If you wait for someone else to make a change for you, I’m sorry, but it’s probably not going to happen.”

[13:55] “You gotta find something that can fit into your current routine and focus on sustainability and consistency.”

[18:09] “Make sure your truck’s loaded with healthy snacks and healthy food because when push comes to shove and you get hungry throughout the day, you’re gonna be going towards the stuff that looks good.”

[22:35] “When it comes to exercising, it’s all about finding something you enjoy doing, because if you enjoy doing it, you’re gonna show up and do it on a consistent basis and make it a part of your routine.”

[30:32] “Start doing something, don’t just move on to the next podcast and do nothing about it. Your health means a lot, it’s for your family, it’s for yourself, it’s for life after trucking, make it a priority.”

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