The Future Behind the Wheel

Thanks to all of the incredible guests who joined for season 1 of Drive. Zac Elsts is joined by HandledNow co-founder, Aaron Robertson, and seasoned driver and previous Drive guest, Heath Melton, to chat about their favorite episodes and what they’re looking forward to in the next season of Drive. 

In season one we covered topics from mental and physical health to safety on the road and women in the trucking industry. The HandledNow team is looking to explore more engaging topics in the future, especially around how technology will change the future of the truck driving industry. What topics do you hope will be discussed in season 2? Tune in to the season finale of Drive now and text us your thoughts at 317-691-8208.

Compelling Quotes:

  • [03:45] “I think one of the cool things about that episode was really just thinking about how you can change your own environment and your own world inside of your mind.”
  • [04:45] “I think we’re at a great point in time in the trucking industry because the light’s been shined on it in the past year, on how important it is.”
  • [09:54] “Very, very few people that we talked to actually want to run nights. And that’s where it’s the most dangerous.”
  • [10:44] “I think in the long run, people are going to be making more money in the future because of automation.”
  • [12:33] “Setting boundaries for yourself and making sure that they are realistic. I think a lot of these episodes kind of tie into each other.”
  • [16:39] “I thought it was interesting that 83% of women who joined the industry joined the industry because they were referred by a family or a friend. How powerful is that?“
  • [20:06] “We want to see safety go up. We want to see fewer fatalities, fewer accidents. We want to see that is the most important thing. And I think that if the future technology can provide that for the drivers, then I think it’s a win-win for everybody. “