Sniffing out workforce retention mistakes with Max Farrell

Max Farrell, a former tech worker, went on a cross-country mission to discover the root cause of driver turnover in the trucking industry. What he found was that drivers don’t feel respected and their voices weren’t being heard. His journey led him on a wild ride with a turntable trucker and to a shocking discovery that changed the course of the industry forever. Now, Max is on a mission to revolutionize the way people work through WorkHound, a company that helps covenant logistics improve retention from frontline employees.

In this episode, Max discusses the significance of real-time employee feedback in devising successful retention strategies, the hidden costs of high turnover rates within the trucking industry and how to address them, the importance of creating a communication loop to empower frontline workers, and more.

Tune in to learn about:

[13:09] The importance of purpose in the workplace

[17:32] The impact of small things in the workplace

[24:50] WorkHound’s impact on driver psychology



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