Time for a Pitstop: Mid-Season Recap with Zac Elsts and Aaron Robertson

So far in season one, we heard from great guests with valuable insights related to truck driving. Whether it be health, mindset, safety, or choosing truck driving as a career, these episodes provided invaluable, tangible advice on being successful and healthy in the industry. 

For this episode, host Zac Elsts is joined by Aaron Robertson, Co-founder of HandledNow. While Zac and Aaron wanted to take a step back and reflect on some of their favorite moments from the first half of the season, they break down key takeaways, highlighting what you can learn from the guests’ stories.

Tune in to hear their favorite quotes, then follow Drive on your favorite podcast platform to listen to the full conversations.

Compelling Quotes:

  • [00:46] Erica Ballard: “Caffeine isn’t the devil. I’m not going to sit here and tell you that you can’t have your coffee or you can’t have your tea, but more people than not have caffeine sensitivity. So make sure that you aren’t that person, because if you are, coffee is going to do something to you that you don’t want it to.”
  • [03:41] Erica Ballard: “We often look to medications as the solution, but the reality is food is medicine, and it can either harm you through the creation of body stress, which leads to inflammation, or it can remove it.”
  • [08:15] Heath Melton: “Which life are you going to pick? Are you going to pick comfort food and snacking all the way down the road, or are you going to try to lose that weight and be more in charge of your life instead of, ‘this is what I’m doing today,’ and kind of following life?”
  • [10:50] Kevin Bailey: “For the average person, 70% of their thoughts are negative and disempowering. So, the first step in negative self-talk is to be aware you’re even doing it. My hope for you is next time you say something out loud or in your own mind that disempowers you, you catch it.”
  • [12:02] Kevin Bailey: “These thoughts that come up in your mind when you get cut off or when you have a relationship difficulty, those are programs you’ve already encoded into your mindset, but now we’re running on autopilot. And the whole thing with mindset is first becoming aware of those thoughts and then learning how to change them.”
  • [19:56] Jeremy Reymer: “There has been a great opportunity to be more empathetic too, because if I had never met you, if you were a driver applying, one of the first things I want to know is how are you doing? You’ve been driving this past year, how’ve you been? What’s that been like for you? And I want to know because I care and because I value what you do.”
  • [23:43] Argie Bellio: “When you’re in that cowboy state of always running and gunning, always pedal-to-the-metal, and there is no time to stop, it’s always, I don’t have time to piss, let alone stop and eat. Or if I’m eating, it’s always been at the wheel. It’s increased pressure. Your blood pressure is always higher. So you’re eating crap, foods that have a lot of sugar in them. Now you’re talking about diabetes, and diabetes has become a big problem with truck drivers — so everything compounds.”

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