Chase More than Miles and Money with Argie Bellio


At the end of the day, trucking is a job, a way to provide. However, pushing a driver’s mileage limit and sacrificing physical and mental wellbeing comes at a cost. A cost that outweighs the potential extra hundred a week and can be much more detrimental in the long term. On this week’s episode of Drive, Zac Elsts sits down with Argie Bellio, President and CEO of 6 Logistics to talk about his history as a driver and how that’s informed his view on driving for a living.

Thanks to more than a decade of experience, Argie breaks down how his experience from starting to drive as a necessity in 2008 translated to running his own trucking business. With simple acts like celebrating safety on Facebook or limiting hours, Argie has seen major positive ripple effects for his drivers and the business.

As you hear Argie’s story, ask yourself the question: Why is safety so important? Listen on to find Argie’s why. 

Compelling Quotes:

  • [00:50] “The reason we do so many things that we do at 6 Logistics is because I’ve been in that driver’s seat.” 
  • [02:06] “They’re chasing miles, they’re chasing money.”
  • [07:01] “You’ve built a culture of safety, where it is something that they desire to do.”
  • [16:11] “The guys only focus on a hundred dollars. They don’t focus on ‘Holy crap, when I’m home, I’m so exhausted.’”
  • [19:42] “Our wealth is our time. You only get one opportunity to live this life.”
  • [33:22] “At the end of the day, are you able to do the job properly and do it safely? Those are the only things I care about.”

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