Mental Fitness On the Road with Kevin Bailey

“You are not in control of 95% of your thoughts until you learn to reprogram your mindset.”

As a truck driver, you’re alone with your thoughts for the majority of the day. Long stretches of driving at all hours can play tricks on your mind and emotions can feel almost out of control when unexpected inconveniences occur. 

But mental muscles can be trained just like physical ones.  

On this episode of Drive, Zac Elsts dives deep with Kevin Bailey, founder of Dreamfuel, a company helping teams and individuals realize their full potential through proven mindset and mindfulness techniques. Having studied neuroscience, Kevin blends science with coaching to help you feel more in control.

Listen to learn more about how you can master the mental programming of your brain to create the life you want and accomplish more than you thought was possible. 

Compelling Quotes:

  • [04:12] “You are not in control of 95% of your thoughts until you learn to reprogram your mindset.”
  • [04:38] “You can teach your brain to give you any thought you want”
  • [07:43] “ 15 minutes a day of mental fitness and you can get an elite mindset in the course of a year.” 
  • [07:58] “Emotion is the mechanism that creates memory.” 
  • [10:15] “Music creates emotion. And when you hear those words and they create emotion in you, they are creating a memory. So it’s a fundamental thing to understand, as it relates to your mindset.”
  • [12:32] “I categorize mindsets or thoughts into scarcity and abundance mindsets. A scarcity mindset is going to drain you of energy. It’s going to make you feel bad. It’s going to push you toward actually negative outcomes. An abundant mindset is going to give you energy. It’s going to make you feel enthusiastic. It’s going to push you toward positive outcomes.”
  • [13:15] “Truck driving is like probably the best possible job you can have to reprogram your mindset because you got so much time on the road.”
  • [20:15] “if you’re filling your tank up with positive thoughts, empowering thoughts for 15 minutes a day, then something really negative happens and your instinct isn’t to get pissed off, you’re like, my life is pretty good.”
  • [25:26] “Self-sabotage is the biggest thing that stops people from success.”
  • [26:28] “The unconscious mind cannot tell the difference in what is real and what is imagined.”
  • [28:06] “Gratitude is the energy of abundance. You want to become a more abundant person. You want life to go better for you, get in the energy of receiving things. Gratitude is the energy of receiving.”