Healthy Living from the Driver’s Seat with Erica Ballard


Have you ever wondered what your caffeine intake will actually do to your body while you drive? Did you know the typical gas station offers healthy nutrition options? Are there quick stretches or exercises you can do while you’re driving? 

Driving all day brings about a unique challenge for the body: your mind must stay alert and focused, working overtime for long stretches of the day while the body is mostly inactive, leaving it craving movement. 

On Drive, Zac Elsts sits down with Erica Ballard, healthy living expert and coach, to talk about this unique challenge and her best tips for drivers to live healthy while behind the wheel. Dive into the answers to common questions about caffeine, nutrition, exercise, mental health, and how to make simple changes that will leave a lasting impact. 

Erica breaks down some misconceptions about healthy living while on the road and offers tangible tips and tricks for drivers to start implementing on their next drive.

Compelling Quotes

  • [02:09] “When you drive a lot, your brain is constantly going. So you’re extremely focused. And so making sure that you find the balance between giving that brain a break and that body, some movement is really important.” 
  • [03:30] “Most bodies don’t need caffeine. If you are taking care of it, the energy is natural. It’s alert.”
  • [11:13] “If you want to change, you have to stop doing the things that you are doing and start opening your mind up to things that could be done differently.”
  • [14:11] “It’s really, how can you do these smaller actions, these small steps that will allow you and your body just to get the movement it needs” 
  • [17:19] “The reality is food is medicine and it can either harm you with, through the creation of body stress, which leads to inflammation, or it can remove it for you.” 
  • [19:20] “Start with the basics, like eating more vegetables. What I find is most people aren’t doing the minimum and they’re looking for all of these other tools.”
  • [40:22] “Almost all of us know the one thing we should be doing. So what I would say to anyone listening, if you’re wondering what’s your next step, or what’s the thing that you do ask yourself?” 
  • [40:35] “What one thing will improve my health the most right now? And whatever the answer is, go do it.” 

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