Join the fight against human trafficking with Laura Cyrus

From behind the wheel, getting involved with causes you care about can be hard when you’re on the road so much. How do you do that? What opportunities are there? That’s why Laura Cyrus of Truckers Against Trafficking is joining us on this episode of Drive.

Laura is the Senior Director of Industry Training and Outreach. After learning about human trafficking early on in college, she felt called to work in this field. Now, she helps educate and equip truckers on spotting the signs of human trafficking to help prevent crime and ultimately save lives. Listen in to hear:

[1:00] How Laura got into this field + what Truckers Against Trafficking does

[9:00] The signs truckers can look for on their routes to help prevent trafficking

[20:00] TAT’s (easy) training program for truckers who want to support this cause

[25:00] How truckers can get involved with TAT


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National Human Trafficking Hotline: 1-888-3737-888

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