Breaking Stereotypes in the Trucking Industry with Kodi Wilson

Who said trucking can only be for men?

Nobody at all.

And Kodi Wilson is breaking that stereotype.

Kodazia, AKA Kodi, is a 23-year-old female trucker inspired by her father to get into trucking following the tragic loss of her brother. She is also an influencer and documents her truck driving experiences on TikTok and YouTube. In this episode, Kodi shares her story as a female trucker, overcoming stereotypes, and her valuable advice for newcomers in the industry.

 In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • [04:07] Kodi’s advice for females wanting to join the trucking industry.
  • [13:28] How trucking led Kodi to begin social media.
  • [19:24] Being aware on the road as a female trucker.

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