Part 2: Partners on the Highway with Steve Kellams

Truck drivers and police officers? You might be surprised by how much both of these professions have in common. Safety to hours away from friends and family, to the importance of training and transparency — the similarities outweigh the differences.

To help us again is Steve Kellams. Steve spent 30 years as a police officer, and he now travels the country training officers and departments. In part one of our conversation, Zac and Steve talked about the similarities between officers and drivers. Now you’ll hear the biggest misconceptions about police officers that Steve often encounters.


Compelling Quotes:

  • [07:26] “That’s the biggest thing is that we have to start looking at actual police law enforcement reform, but reform is going to take money. The reason we have a lot of the problems that we have right now is because of these municipalities of these counties and these states that have refused to properly fund public safety.”
  • [15:27] “The ultimate goal we have for commercial drivers  is really easy – to be safe.”
  • [20:42] “Using that cell phone while driving is exactly like drunk driving. You present the same way, you behave the same way, and you get killed the same way.”
  • [30:53] “ Instead of being adversarial, we really need to be partners on the highways. Those commercial drivers are the eyes and ears of the highway. They move up and down those highways all day long, more even than the police do.”
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