Part 1: Partners on the Highway with Steve Kellams

Truck drivers and police officers? You might be surprised by how much both of these professions have in common. Safety to hours away from friends and family, to the importance of training and transparency — the similarities outweigh the differences.

After 30 years of service working with citizens directly as a police officer, Steve Kellams has a new focus, ensuring all law enforcement and public safety organizations receive the best training and support possible. With safety top of mind and long shifts as the norm for officers and drivers, Steve and Zac chat through the misconceptions drivers often have about officers, and how both groups can partner for safer roads and advocate for more training and resources for these two vital professions.


Compelling Quotes:

  • [7:09] “You talked about how your commercial drivers have a 14 hour clock. They have 11 hours on the road. But did you know there’s no federal law against police officers and how much time they can work?”
  • [7:28] “Commercial truck drivers have this amount of time because we know that if they get tired and sleepy, we know if they lose their focus, they can cause some tremendous damage.”
  • [8:32] “That police officer is a human being first and foremost, they represent the law, but they’re just like truck drivers as well. They can make mistakes, but the mistakes that they make could cost them their life or potentially someone else’s life.”
  • [9:59] “Cops, the reason we do traffic Is to save lives. It’s to keep accidents from happening.”
  • [11:53] “If the two people don’t realize both people on each side are human, it can get ugly.”
  • [15:52] “the two most dangerous things you can possibly do in law enforcement is working a domestic violence case, or stop a car.”
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