Goal setting and overcoming challenges with Craig P. Anderson

What are your professional goals? How about your personal ones? Are you taking steps to achieving them or are you making excuses as to why they’re not attainable?

Craig P. Anderson, President and founder of Clear Path Coaching and Consulting, joins us on this week’s episode of Drive to offer some expert advice on not just setting goals, but reaching them as well. It will take some effort on your part, but if you’re willing to dig deep and understand what’s holding you back, then you’ll be able to overcome those roadblocks and begin making positive changes.

Check out the full episode to pick up tips and tricks for your personal and professional development.

Compelling Quotes:

  • [02:56] “I think any book you read that you get three things out of that you can actually do something with is a hundred percent worth your effort.”
  • [04:35] “Who wants a goal that doesn’t get you excited? Goals need to excite you because it takes time and energy to reach your goals.”
  • [05:41] “Reflect on how you’re progressing towards your goals. What’s getting in the way? What are the challenges? Keep it very much oriented in front of you. That’s how you’re going to achieve the goal.”
  • [07:15] “Some of the biggest challenges are goals that we’re holding ourselves accountable to. If you’re the kind of person who wants to make sure everyone else is happy, you’re going to get stuff done for them and not for ourselves.”
  • [08:44] “The question you have to ask yourself if you’re frustrated personally or professionally is – why?”
  • [10:57] “You’ve got to understand what’s holding you back and wearing your attitude and wearing your mindset. Once you’ve dealt with that, then start making changes and those changes will be a much more positive experience.”
  • [13:56] “ If you want to lead because you want a title and to tell people what to do, you’re going to be a terrible leader. If you want to lead because you want to take people to a more exciting, better future, that’s who people want to follow. Those are the leaders that really get things done.”