About HandledNow

Who We Are

HandledNow is an employment agency which operates on principles of Respect, Honor and Integrity. We understand that Respect for our skilled professionals is the main ingredient to success, and we want to make sure they get the credit they deserve for the hard work they do.

We offer benefits, holiday pay, bonus potential among other things, but our main focus is Honesty and Respect. We don’t oversell and under-deliver. We promise to always make good on our word, because that is all we have. We know the demand for talented individuals has never been higher, and we are here to offer the best opportunities to meet our employees’ needs and client’s expectations.

We have years of experience in multiple areas of logistics and staffing, which has helped us grow in our appreciation of skilled employees, and everything they do. We at HandledNow take pride in our family atmosphere, and the respect that we have for our employees is apparent from day one. If you’re looking to get on board with a great team who treats your needs as our top priority you’ve come to the right place!

Our Mission

HandledNow's mission is to provide the best long term job opportunities to the most qualified professionals in the job market. We are passionate about helping those who take their jobs seriously and who love what they do, find the perfect fit for their careers.

HandledNow also strives to build long lasting relationships with clients who are all about respecting their employees, and who have a safety first mentality. We are only here to serve the needs of those we partner with. So, if you need help with your candidate search let us alleviate some of your headaches. We'll get it Handled!